5 Hacks to Earn Extra Income While You’re Studying

Want a little extra $$$ to treat yourself to a few spicy margaritas this weekend? Or maybe you’re saving up for those Nike Dunks you’ve been eyeing off? Whatever the reason, no one will say no to a little more cash in the pocket.

And we know your time is crucial, so we’ve compiled a few hacks to earn extra income while you’re studying!

  1. Tutoring

Still, got a knack for biology? Why not share that knowledge and get paid for it!

Tutoring can be flexible with after-school hours and depending on where you tutor, some companies will let you tutor from the comfort of your own home.

You can always apply online or make up a few flyers and hand them out to your local library, school or around your neighbourhood.

  1. Freelancing

Did you know you could turn your passion project into an income!? Maybe you’ve got a skill that you don’t have the time to fully commit to.

Freelance marketplace websites like Fiver and Freelancer are platforms for companies to reach out and outsource a variety of tasks they need to be done. Skills they are looking for could include graphic design, blog writing, digital marketing, programming, coding, video editing and a lot more!

From making a logo all the way to helping program a new tech app, freelancing gives you an opportunity to gain some experience, put your skills to good use and get paid for it!

  1. Paid market research 

Get paid to share your opinion on the products, services, or matters you face every day and get rewarded for it!

Want to have your say on the future of your favourite brands? Realtime Research is an Australian company that provides a variety of market research projects. It only takes a minute to register, and it’s FREE to join! Once registered they will send you opportunities that are suited for you. If you qualify, you can earn anywhere between $90 – $300 for your time.

Have a look at some of the interesting projects they have running right now here.

  1. Selling clothes

We all know you’re holding onto that one pair of jeans you can’t get rid of but haven’t taken out of the wardrobe since 2016… It’s time to let them go. Turn that pile of unworn clothes into $$$ by selling them online!

Minimising your cupboard, keeping clothes out of landfill, helping someone find a unique piece AND getting a little extra cash for it? That’s a win in our eyes!

  1. Delivery Services  

Do you have a car? Scooter? Bicycle? Spaceship? If you have a means of getting from A to B, you can get paid for delivering food!

With so many companies now doing food delivery, the demand for deliverer drivers has never been higher. Choose your own hours and days, how little or how much work you want to do, being a driver is super flexible.

Now it’s time to stop procrastinating and start making some extra money!