Terms and Conditions


The purpose of registering as a Member of Realtime Research is so that you can participate from time to time in PAID market research projects. By completing the registration form you agree to abide and be bound by our Terms of Membership. The choice to join, continue to take part and level of participation is entirely yours. You must provide us with valid and truthful information. In particular you agree that all information provided on your registration page is correct. You will need to keep your email and mobile telephone numbers up to date in order to receive notification of new opportunities. Should you at any time wish to discontinue receiving surveys then you can do so by unsubscribing.


Screening Questionnaires

It is a condition of your membership that you agree to receive market research surveys from Realtime Research via the internet.

You will first receive an email notification from Realtime Research which will have a link to the screening questionnaire advising you of the survey with project details, dates, times and payment. You will not be paid or accrue credit or points in any way for completing screening questionnaires. Information that you supply in these screening questionnaires is used by us to determine if you meet our client’s criteria for participation in their research project.  Payments are only made to you if you agree to take part in the research project and all components of that project have been deemed, by Realtime Research, to be completed.

We reserve the right at our discretion to request verification of, or verify on your behalf, any information provided by you.


Project Participation

You are not obliged to view, respond or take any action in relation to a survey.

If you meet the project requirements then you may be invited to participate in a paid market research activity which may include attending a focus group, participating in an interview, evaluating a product in your home or at a “taste testing” session. You will be contacted from Realtime Research by email, SMS or telephone.

Once you have confirmed your attendance or participation in any project it is a requirement that you notify Realtime Research immediately of any change.

Realtime Research reserves the right to terminate your membership should you fail to comply with any of the terms of membership.



Members will receive payment for completing Market Research projects. This may be by cash paid at the end of the session, by GiftPay cards transmitted by email, by cheque, by EFT or by gift voucher. Incomplete project completion or non attendence at any session will result in non payment.



Members who participate in projects are requested not to discuss the nature or outcomes of any project with any other party.



Members and their immediate family members are not permitted to be employed by Realtime Research or by any other Market Research company.