Sydney CBD, 03/07/2017

Focus Group | Sydney CBD

Do you catch yourself looking
aimlessly in the cupboard or fridge, the drawers or the staff room looking for
something “good” to snack on…

WHO: females aged 35-60 years
WHAT: 2-hour focus group with small pre-task
WHEN: Monday 3rd – Tuesday 4th July
WHY: $110 cash

INTERESTED? You can contact Caroline if you have any questions or simply
hit ‘start the survey’ to see if you qualify!

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you might know people that would be interested.

  • Starts

    03 July 2017

  • Ends

    03 July 2017

  • Location

    Sydney CBD

  • Payment


  • People Required

    Females aged 35-60 years

  • You Need To

    Have a say in the grocery shopping

  • Contact Email