Macquarie Park (North Ryde), 21/08/2017

In-Depth Neuro Interview – Macquarie Park

This one is beyond interesting! And about an everyday item for most of us…

WHO: Males and females aged 25-40
WHAT: 1-hour in-depth neuro interview
WHEN: Monday 21st August – Friday 1st September
WHERE: Macquarie Park (North Ryde)
HOW MUCH: $100 cash

INTERESTED? You can contact Jacqui if you have any questions, otherwise our survey
below will help determine if you qualify!

If you are selected, during the study you will be asked to watch a presentation on a television screen while you are monitored. You will be wearing an EEG (electroencephalography) cap, which looks like a swimming cap with small holes in it. The researcher will apply a small amount of gel into the holes and then place sensors onto the cap which will pick up your responses. The sensors will not touch your head, only the gel will. The sensors do not emit anything, they only provide measurement.

  • Starts

    21 August 2017

  • Ends

    01 September 2017

  • Location

    Macquarie Park (North Ryde)

  • Payment


  • People Required

    Males and females aged 24-40 years

  • You Need To

    Be tech savvy

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